"Did you watch the LostGirl video at Comic Con when Kris,Ksenia, and Jay were asked questions? Someone asked Ksenia about Kenzi relationship with Hale. Is it just wishful thinking or was Ksenia hinting that Kenzi/Hale will happen next season."

I haven’t seen it! can you send me the link???

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"Just finished season one.. So happy that i found a Kale tumblr :) So do we know any scoop about th two for season 3?? :D"

So happy you found us, darling! I don’t know about Kenzi and Hale as a pair in season three, but I can tell you some minor spoilers about their characters in general.

  • Dyson has a new partner, some crazy bitch apparently, but despite that, Hale will be back for season 3!
  • Ksenia Solo will be playing “another character” in addition to Kenzi. I don’t know what exactly this means and how far it goes, but my sources speculate that it might be to do with her “gift.”
  • Remember where we left off with Nate? Ksenia Solo has mentioned that she’d love to have him back on, but Kenzi broke up with Nate to protect him towards the end of season 2. We’ll have to see if anything happens there before we can see something with Hale, I’m sure.
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"Oh my goodness, I love your blog! I love Kenzi/Hale and there was like nothing about them but then I found this, love it. Thank you! (:"

WHYYYYYY are you on anon?! Come talk to me! Kenzi and Hale are basically the only redeeming quality of Lost Girl and I never get to see them!!

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